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Saturday, August 21, 2010

AutoCad 2011. First impression..

I have been using Autocad 2011 for some weeks now, and I think it is time for me to share my first impressions about it.

First of all i must say I like some of the new features.

- More options for editing polylines.

- Isolate, and hide objects. I have been using this for a while in Civil 3D. (Good stuff).

- Add selected. Ex. Click at an arc. Use the add selected feature, and you can start drawing a new arc at the same layer and with the same properties as the arc you first clicked. Click at ex. a pline, and you can do the same thing. Really usefull.

- Select similar. It's back! It disappeard from Autocad in the 2007 version, but now it's back. Finally! It makes quick select look stupid. :-)

There is a lot of other new stuff like better 3D features, a lot of predefined materials and more. But i have not tried out these things yet.

This far I am happy about the new features... BUT!! There is one thing that I really don't like. Autocad 2011 seems to be demaning a lot more memory than both Autocad 2010 and Civil 3D 2010.
Fatal errors and "Autocad is running out of memory...." has been seen a lot lately.

So... 64 bits... here I come..... (soon.... hopefully...)

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