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Monday, September 13, 2010

Closed polyline. Display area (dynamic).

Do you want to display the area inside of a closed polyline?

1. Draw a polyline. Make sure it's closed.
2. Use the MTEXT command to make a textbox inside (or outside) of the polyline.
3. While editing the text, click on the right mouse-button.
4. Choose "insert field"

5. Field name: "Choose OBJECT".
6. Object type: Pick polyline. (button)
7. Click at the polyline.
8. Property: AREA

The text will display the area inside of the closed polyline. If you are editing the polyline the text will update. You might have to do the regen-command (RE).

You might also use a quickleader instead of the MTEXT. (The textfield on a quickleader is actually a MTEXT).

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